Welcome Foreigners 外国人の方へ


Welcome Foreigners

SUMOTORIYA ASANOSOHONTEN is located on the approach to Kirihataji Temple, the Temple No.10 of Shikoku 88 temples pilgrimage in Japan. We have specialized in varieties of Buddhist altar fittings as well as equipments and accessories for “O-Henro” or Shikoku pilgrimage, and been in business since Isekichi Asano opened the store 130 years ago.

The name “SUMOTORIYA (Sumotori=sumo wrestler)” was named by Isekichi Asano, the founder of the business, because he was a supporter of amateur Sumo wrestlers and local Sumo tournaments. Pilgrims are coming from all over the world today, and they know our store for the unique trade name as well as the sign with illustration of Sumo wrestler installed in front of the store.

For his passion to diffuse local culture of Shikoku pilgrimage nationwide, he produced and distributed Shikoku pilgrimage maps, guidebooks, Buddhist sutra books for pilgrims and so on.

We are confident with our large selections of products for pilgrimage and unbeatable prices. We assist first timer for Shikoku 88 temples with the best advice, local tips and right preparation as follows:
Minimize your equipment for Temples 1 through 10.
Get other equipment after Temple 10 - we are conveniently located from Temple 10.

Many visitors leave personal belongings before they move on to uphill road including the steep 333 stone steps to Kirihata-ji Temple. Stop by our store before and after your visit for tea, beverage, snacks, sweets and seasonal fruits served as “OSETTAI”.